Shop Rules

Terms of use

Be sure to read the User Agreement before purchase. Read all the rules and obligations of the parties, in order to avoid contentious situations after purchasing accounts or other products in our store.

Part 1. The store guarantees:

1. Technical support response within 24 hours of contact.

Usually technical support responds much faster, with the exception of nighttime.

2. The performance of accounts, if all the rules and conditions for working with accounts described in Part 2 are met.

Start using your accounts right away, as many sites delete accounts for inaction / arrange scheduled cleanups. After 24 hours after the purchase, even if you have not used the accounts, we will not be able to return the money to you.

3. Replacing accounts within 30 minutes of their acquisition if the accounts are non-operational through the fault of the OZES store and if all the rules and conditions for working with accounts described in Part 2 are followed.

If you entered the account and did something with it, and then it was banned (or another event occurred affecting the account), then it is no longer subject to replacement / refund.

When ordering an amount of 200 rubles or more, you should record a video from the moment of purchase to the moment of authorization, otherwise the replacement will be refused.

4. Refund if accounts cannot be replaced. Refund is possible on Yandex money, Qiwi.

Refunds to a bank card and other payment systems are not possible.


The store is not and will never be engaged in reselling accounts.

Part 2. When using accounts purchased on the OZES.NET website, it is prohibited:

1. Log in to 2 or more accounts without a proxy and from one device.

You can use accounts without a proxy and from one device (different browsers are not different devices), but in this case we will refuse to replace / refund.

2. Use your home static ip address, ipv6 proxies, public proxies, packet proxies, shared proxies.

Only personal (they are individual) ipv4 proxies and mobile proxies are allowed.

3. Use any paid and free VPN services.

Any VPN service uses public IP addresses used by strangers.

4. Use device emulators, virtual machines, VDS and VPS servers.

Any site can determine that you are not accessing it from a real device. This significantly reduces the trust of accounts and leads to their blocking.

Part 3. Other rules, conditions of the store’s features:

- It is highly discouraged to change passwords on acanthus with a subscription, otherwise you risk being left without content and without an account.

- The number of points, subscribers, bonuses, etc., is rounded (for example: an account with an actual number of subscribers of 1389, can be sold in the categories "... 1300 subscribers" or "... 1400 subscribers".

- Purchased valid goods are not refundable / replaceable. This applies to cases where you were inattentive when choosing a product and, having bought it, want to make a refund or exchange.

- The store and its employees do not provide training and advice. We do not work with accounts, so we can not fully advise you.

- Accounts with points, bonuses should be used immediately after purchase, as services can reset points, bonuses in accordance with their rules, loyalty programs. Or at points, bonuses the expiration date can expire.


Upon agreement with the rules (at the time of purchase), the customer confirms that:

1. The client read the detailed description of the accounts.

2. The client has read all the rules and conditions of the store and agrees with them.

3. After purchasing the product, all responsibility passes to the customer.

4. In case of violation of any clause of the rules, the customer has no complaints against the store and its employees.

The administration of the store reserves the right without notice to customers to make changes to the rules, which take effect immediately.